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Back to...Everything

It’s that time of the year again, who ever thought it would come this fast? Only a few short weeks until everyone is back in the full swing of normalcy..as much as they can be! With school, sports, and workplaces commencing a new season, it’s best to be prepared. Main Street is ready to welcome you with resources to take a heavy load off of your shoulders; follow along for a list of all amenities to make this new season an easy transition for everyone.

Tackle your work like a champ

Whether you’re looking for an extra set of hands or a quiet environment to summon your workload, look no further! For an effective approach on tutoring or to jump a couple academic levels ahead, Kumon Leduc offers a wide range of tutoring services for younger students. For those needing a quiet, inviting space to study, meet or work, The Light House Co-work is calling! Offering a variety of working stations including private office spaces available for rent, you’ll learn the beauty of “working on your own, not alone”!

Needing a break (from kids)? We've got you covered!

Take a break for yourself and drop the kids off at one of our great childcare centers. Make sure to make some visits to Brightpath Childcare Center, Embolden PDC, Global Childcare and Nessie’s Jigsaw Daycare to find which center is best fit for you and your family.

Wanting to take it a step further and add some extra-curricular activities to their schedule? No problem! For the kiddos who love to discover and expand their artistic side, enroll them for some classes at Connectivity Dance or Taryn's Dance Company. Both of these amazing studios offer many streams for all ages, abilities and interests. Another great option is music lessons offered by The Turner Guitar Studio, including guitar variations, piano, voice, percussion and more! Finally, we are home to 3 great martial arts academies, Relentless Martial Arts, The Leduc Martial Arts Academy and Leduc Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All three of these organisations specialize in fundamental and strength training for all ages and abilities.

Send Them Back in Style

Trying to find a kid that’s excited to be heading back to school is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Boost their excitement levels (and yours, too) with a fresh wardrobe, without breaking the bank. Throughout our downtown core, you’ll be able to find fashionable and affordable new pieces for everyone.

If you’re looking for a steal, check out our pre-loved and consignment boutiques! Some of our favorites include Bee & Key Boutique and INVI Consignment & Boutique (P.S. they’re having a huge back to school sale)! Both of these shops specialize in luxury and trendy consignment pieces, at a fraction of the original retailer's price. A couple more great clothing retailers include Saradee Boutique and Poise N’ Ivy, in which you’ll find some perfect staple pieces, with plenty of versatility to interchange between each season.

What Type of Wine Goes Well With Back to School?

From a summer jammed packed with kids and the copious amounts of back to school preparation, it’s time to reward yourself with a bottle of wine, customized exactly to your liking. Korked U-Vin is one of the first businesses in Alberta to offer fully customizable wine, beer and cider kits, completely personalized down to the label! Treat yourself, your teachers, and your support circle with an ambrosial, thoughtful gift to kick off this season.

Are you ready to jump back into everything? Let us relieve your stress of planning through these uncertain times by checking out all of our local options to get you and your family going in the right direction. From all things kids related, to quiet work spaces for you (and ways to help unwind once the work is done), what’s stopping you from having the best year yet?!

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