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A message from the Chair

It's been a hard year, full of changes and challenges that no one could have predicted. With these unprecedented times, the Downtown Business Association rose to the challenge.

We worked hard at providing fun, out of the box but safe community events that showcased our downtown businesses. We have worked hard alongside the Chamber and the City of Leduc officials to organize, strengthen and streamline our resources to be the most effective.

We have advocated to the City, Provincial and Federal Governments with the concerns that we heard amongst the frequent round tables.

We have done our best to support and encourage businesses
in our community as they have risen to the unique challenges of their
industries and we are ready and prepared to spend another year doing it all again.

I believe that a by-product of the struggles we have faced in the last
year has made us a better business community. As we move into another year, we are more prepared and have even better resources for success. I look forward to seeing you all whether in person or through the screen as we navigate this next year together.
Thank you,
Jaime Mckeag Reber

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